We've got all of your commercial binding needs sorted

From high volume to short runs, from fully automatic to semi automatic, our binding solutions offer you the versatility flexibility and simplicity required in today's printing environment. With products for perfect binding, PUR binding, saddle stitch, loop stitch, wiro binding and many more, whatever your business needs, Quadient Graphics can provide a Duplo binding solution for you. 

Duplo Binders

Duplo DB-280 Binding Machine
Duplo DB-280 Perfect Binder

Professional perfect binding ideal for on-demand printing

Stronger Perfect Binding / Better notching and roughing The binding process on the DB-290 includes a double pass over its unique notching and roughing...

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Duplo DPB-500 PUR Binder
Duplo DPB-500 PUR Binder

Fully automatic glue binding for secure binds

The Duplo DPB-500 PUR for powerful binding...

The Duplo DPB-500 PUR binder is a fully automatic binder for both digital...

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Duplo DPB-500 Binder
Duplo DPB-500

Versatile, simple, dependable

A powerful solution for on demand printing...

The Duplo DPB-500 is a high speed and precision binder capable of completing 525 cycles per hour that improves...

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Duplo UltraBIND 2000 PUR
Duplo UltraBIND 2000 PUR

For accurate and secure binding

A powerful binder for accurate and secure binding...

The Duplo UltraBIND 2000 PUR is the world's smallest closed tank PUR system. It is...

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FKS Binders

FKS KB 2000 Glue-Binder

Professional binding solution for small - medium run binding

The Duplo KB-2000 is a user friendly professional hot melt glue binder ideal for small to medium binding requirements. You can produce up to 320 books per...

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The Duplo KB 4000 Binder
FKS KB 4000 Binder

Raise the benchmark for perfect binding

The Duplo KB-4000 perfect binder...

The Duplo KB-4000 is a user friendly, high quality bookletmaker used widely by digital printers, copy...

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