Innovation, passion and excellence in finishing

This Italian manufacturers prides itself on a spirit of innovation, passion and excellence; a spirit that really comes through in the products they produce. The Neolt range includes, Folders, Laminators and Trimmers. So whatever your wide-format finishing needs, Quadient Graphics has got you covered.

Neolt Trimmers

Neolt XY Trimmer
Neolt XY Trim Print Technologies

The most versatile wide-format XY cutting solution around.

Neolt XY Trimmer...

XY automatic trimmer for sheets and rolls, designed for simultaneous cutting on all four sides. An optical mobile sensor reads the most...

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Neolt Electro Trimmer
Neolt Electro Trim

Automatic trimming solution for accurate cutting precision

Neolt Electro Trimmer...

The Neolt Electro trimmer includes two rotating blades for cutting in both directions. The Neolt Electro is...

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Neolt Electro Plus Trim
Neolt Electro Plus Trim

Automatic trimming solution with electric trimmer & rotating blade

Neolt Electro Plus Trimmer...

The Neolt Electro plus comes complete with a moveable reference square, lamp over cutting area and...

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Neolt Laminators

Neolt Shield Laminator
Neolt Shield

Automatic, professional laminating solution for complete paper transformation

Neolt Shield Laminator...

The Shield laminators range reduces the set up and preperation time of the machine and does not need any specialized personnel....

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