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Can I finance the equipment I buy from Neopost and what is the process for doing so?

At Neopost we have a finance department that can help you lease any product from the range that we supply. Once passed by the finance department in most cases you can have 100% finance. Neopost Finance options help you free up capital, invest in the latest technology and keep up to date with the latest innovative solutions.


Can Neopost service Print Finishing or Wide Format equipment?

At Neopost we are proud to have an Engineeing department that have decades of knowledge in serving commercial print equipment and wide format equipment. Whatever your service needs you can be guaranteed and exceptional level of service and support from Neopost. 

Just like you want to keep your customers happy, we want to keep you happy and able to run your print equipment 24/7. As the print sector is extremely competitive we have various ways of responding to your problems efficiently. We have engineers located all across Ireland that are fully trained and accredited, we have a local help desk that will respond to your calls efficiently and service contracts to allow you receive the best possible response.


Can I take out a Service contract on equipment from Neopost?

At Neopost, we offer our customers a variety of Service contracts that are tailored to meet specific requirements. Depending on the size and value of equipment, a Service contract can be taken out to protect your equipment and keep you up and running at all times. In order to help you with your requirments we would be more than happy to call out to your business and discuss which Service contract suits you best.


Can I purchase supplies for my print finishing equipment?

At Neopost we supply a range of print finishing supplies for all types of equipment. Our supplies include inks, blades, masters, glue, drill bits, wire, staples and much more...We work very closely with the leading brands to make sure your equipment is fully covered. 

Supply orders can be placed by phoning our consumables team: Catherine, Conor and Gillian on 1850 33 44 55..... 


Can I purchase Vehicle Graphics?

At Neopost we supply a range of media suitable for Vehicle Graphics. A vehicle isn't just a method of transport it is also a key area for advertising and hosts a lot of opportunity. From simple logos, contact details and images in all sorts of bright colours you can trust the range of graphics Neopost supply to meet these requirements. Turn your vehicles into effective marketing tools. Provide a good first impression to your clients and potential customers. 

The Vehicle graphics we supply come in a variety of types including, cast films, long life, partial wrapping films and much more. The media we supply will allow you complete vehicle wraps efficiently with a bubble and crease free finish.

We want to help you with your Vehicle Graphic needs...so get in touch with Neopost today.


What alternative ink can I use for my Roland Wide Format printer?

At Neopost we have put a huge amount of time and effort into sourcing the best possible alternative ink for our customers and Bordeaux ink have ticked all the boxes. Bordeaux Digital PrintInk is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of premium inks for the wide and super-wide format digital market. The company is recognized worldwide as the first choice for highly reliable and cost effective inkjet inks which are compatible to all Eco Solvent Roland machines.

Bordeaux inks are based on Mix & Match technology. Mix means there is no need to flush during ink change over making conversion easier and match implies that the colours are the same and enabling users to use OEM ICC profiles. 

Benefits of Bordeaux Ink: 

  • Quality brand
  • Mix and Match 
  • Green Compatible 
  • Chemically Compatible 
  • Cost Effective
  • Plug and Play 

Bordeaux ink also comes in a bulk feed system.


What wide format paper and media will best suit my wide format printer?

At Neopost we are proud to supply a wide range of paper and media to suit a variety of prints and graphics. Our range includes Hexis, Torraspapel, Ambassador and Fuji. Whatever applications you are printing you can be guaranteed that there is a media type to suit your requirements. We have searched long and hard and tested top quality brands in order to supply our customers with a satisfactory product. Our range of papers, vinyls, vehicle graphics, mesh banner and much more will help you with both your indoor and outdoor print and sign requirements. 

We want to give you piece of mind and products that are competitively priced, so get in touch with us today to find out more about this extensive range


At Neopost we are proud to supply a wide range of paper and media to suit a variety of prints and graphics. Our range includes Hexis, Torraspapel, Ambassador and Fuji. Whatever applications you are printing you can be guaranteed that there is a media type to suit your requirements. We have searched long and hard and tested top quality brands in order to supply our customers with a satisfactory product. Our range of papers, vinyls, vehicle graphics, mesh banner and much more will help you with both your indoor and outdoor print and sign requirements. 

We want to give you piece of mind and products that are competitively priced, so get in touch with us today to find out more about this extensive range


What can I print or produce with Roland Wide Format printers?

The design possibilities are endless when it comes to Roland wide format technology. Applications that can be achieved by Roland wide format printers include: Commercial print, impact imaging, labels, decals, signs, point of sale, graphics and vehicle wraps. Roland wide format printers can produce an extensive range to suit all sorts of requirements. 

The variety of colours that can be achieved from Roland wide format prints and inks is what makes the equipment top class and a league above the rest. Colour imaging is vital and your customers expect the highest of quality. Prints can be produced with a variety of colours at a variety of sizes. 


What are large/wide format printers?

Wide format printers are used to print banners, posters, general signage and point of sale materials. Set up to a PC, these printers allow for large graphics or high quality images to be printed.  A large graphic file or PDF is uploaded onto a PC and by using RIP technology the graphics are scaled up or down to the requirements of the customer. Wide format printers allow business's to offer a wider range of services to customers which in turn helps increase profits and margins. From leaflets to full building mesh banners, Neopost can provide you with a high quality Roland wide format printer and help your customers achieve their marketing communication needs. The maximum width you can print on a wide format printer is 64''

There are a variety of inks that can be used in wide format printers. These include solvent and UV inks depending on the required output. 

Let Neopost help you with your wide format requirements.


How do I laminate?

Laminating is an important technique and important part of the print finishing process. Laminating is a technique whereby a print is protected by multiple layers. Improve the strength, stability and appearance of your prints. A laminate can be permanently assembled by heat, pressure or adhesives. 

Laminating paper products such as photographs, greeting cards, booklets or signs can prevent them from becoming creased, folded, water damaged, smudged or marked. Other types of laminating can include UV coating and vinyl lamination. Many printing businesses keep a variety of different laminates in order to finish prints suitable for different customer requirements. 

The importance of laminate: 

  • Lamination protects fragile printed images against physical degradation resulting from abrasion, moisture and dirt. It can also significantly extend the life of your inks in the face of harsh UV exposure. 
  • Lamination makes it easy to clean the surface of prints. 
  • Lamination can be used to change the creative effect of an image. For example you can use a glossy laminate film to add 'pop' to your graphic or a matt to reduce unwanted glares. 

Neopost supply a range of Laminators that can be used on a range of small or large prints


What is a Guillotine?

A guillotine is commonly used where high volume cutting of a variety of stock sizes is required. When you want to finish a print job efficiently without effecting the print quality then a Guillotine is the right solution. Accurate cutting of your printed job is vital and whatever your budget Neopost can help. 


There are a variety of Guillotines to choose from and these include: 
Fully automatic Guillotines, Semi automatic Guillotines, Manual Guillotines and Trimmers.  


Which binder best suits my business?

When you are considering which binder best suits your business needs, there are a few questions you must answer...
Consider thickness, durability and cost when you choose a binding type. There are a variety of finishing methods depending on your requirments. 

  • Wire-O binding: Is particularly used for heavily used documentation, manuals and reference materials. 
  • Perfect binding including hot melt glue binding, hard back, case binding and PUR binding: These types of binds are used for heavily used booklets, reference materials, paperback books and telephone directories. 
  • Saddle stitching / corner stitching: Is an ideal bind for booklets, catalogues, brochures and manuals. 

Whatever your binding needs, Neopost can provide a solution for your business and let you receive samples before making your purchase.


What other finishing brands do Neopost supply?

Over many years, Neopost have sourced the best print finishing brands offering customers a portfolio of products from which they can choose from. Some of the other leading brands that Neopost work with include: 


  • Mohr: Neopost are the proud supplier of the Mohr brand of Guillotines. When is comes to cutting precision Mohr is a leading brand. Mohr Guillotines are heavy duty Guillotines but can be used in any size print house. Whatever your cutting requirements there is a Mohr Guillotine to suit your business. 
  • Ideal: Neopost are the proud supplier of Ideal Guillotines, suitable for quick and reliable cutting and finishing of prints, Ideal are top class products within the industry. 
  • Komfi Laminators: When supplying your customers with prints you want exceptional quality and prints that will last for a long time. To help you with these requirements, Neopost supply a top range of Komfi laminators capable of laminating a variety of applications. Komfi laminators are highly reliable and easy to use laminators. 
  • Multigraf: Many opportunities can be created when using a Multigraf creaser/folding solution. The possibilities for print houses are increased when working with a flexible, cost effective and efficient solution like a Multigraf creaser/folding solution. We supply a variety of products from this range that will suit small, medium and large print houses. 
  • Eurofold: Part of the Multigraf range, Eurofold folders are highly efficient folding units that can handle a variety of paper stocks. Finish exceptional prints for your customers. 


What range of Duplo Print Finishing equipment do Neopost supply?

At Neopost we are proud to supply a full range of Print Finishing equipment to suit all types of print operations across the country. Our goal is to allow your business become more successful and create more opportunities and return on investment with the service you provide. We want to allow you turn 'paper' into great pieces of communication. By supplying your business with a range of finishing equipment you can become more efficient and profitable. 


The range of Duplo equipment we supply includes, binders, bookletmakers, creasers, cutters, collators, duplicators, folders and coating machines. 
Whether you are a small, medium or large print business there is a solution to suit your needs. 


What can Neopost do for my print business?

Let Us Help You


Whatever your print requirements, Neopost have a solution for your business. We offer a range of new and used equipment to suit your everyday needs. Neopost Ireland's quality product range, excellent customer service and finance options keep the company ahead of the rest offering your business a full service. 


Print Finishing Equipment 


Neopost print finishing solutions provide your business with leading edge technology to meet all your business needs no matter what size your business.
All Neopost solutions are sourced from the highest quality brands and have proved to be the highest quality solutions in many print houses around the country. 


Wide Format Printing


Understanding the very specific requirements of our customers is key to the success of Neopost. Over the years, Neopost have invested in the wide format market with the increase of point of sale selling and signage displays being used more successfully as Marketing tools across the country. Supplying Roland Wide Format technology has proved a success and we are proud to hear that our customers are highly satisfied with the technology. We supply a wide range of wide format, desktop and promotional printers to suit a variety of requirements. 




When supplying well known brands such as Duplo, Roland, Komfi, Ideal, Mohr and many more, we know the importance of having top quality supplies to keep your equipment up and running and to help your produce the best quality prints. That's why at Neopost we have put a huge amount of time and effort into sourcing on the best supplies to suit your equipment. Value for money is always important in the print market so at Neopost, we can supply you with supplies at a competitive price. 


Take a look at our range of wide format inks, papers, media, vehicle graphics and print finishing supplies by clicking here.  


Service My Print Equipment


In the print industry we know the importance of providing your business with top quality service keeping your print equipment up and running. We believe that our customers deserve more than just a great piece of equipment, we understand that printers are constantly under pressure to get printed jobs to the customer on time and that having a fully qualified service department to help with any problems is essential. 


Whether it is a piece of Duplo finishing equipment, a wide format printer or any other solution in our range, Neopost can provide you with exceptional service and support. 


Finance My Print Equipment


Investing in the latest print finishing or wide format technology is essential in order to supply your customers with a wide range of prints. For Businesses to stay ahead of the game Neopost are making it easier for you to invest in the latest technology. We want to help you grow revenue and make a greater return on your investments. 


Financing your equipment is a lot easier as Neopost offer an alternative to cash investment. Neopost will allow you to lease new equipment through our very own Neopost Finance department. Our customers choose to lease rather than purchase for many reasons: 


Free up cash flow, invest with convenience and speed, receive 100% finance and manage your equipment life cycle. 


Why choose Neopost?

'When you partner with Neopost Ireland, you are dealing with an organisation that has decades of experience in the Irish Print industry'

  • Decades of experience with a team who all trained within the trade. 
  • Locally based network of account managers and service engineers throughout the country.
  • Dublin based call centre to deal with all your service requirments in a swift and professional manner. 
  • Fully qualified engineers (print finishing and graphics) with experience in both the print finishing and wide format industries. 
  • All sales, service and accounts are handled locally through your dedicated local account manager.
  • A complete range of finishing and wide format equipment backed up with high quality supplies.