InkTec JETRIX UV Printers

The JETRIX series of UV printers (launched in 2008), were awarded the prestigious ‘Best Specialist Printing Solution’ award at Drupa in 2012. The JETRIX printer range will provide the ideal solution for all your photographic, signage and industrial printing needs. JETRIX machines significantly speed up the time it takes to print an image without compromising on the quality of the finished product. 

LX Series

LXi8 LED UV Flatbed Printer

Ultra high speed and extra large flatbed with UV-LED


The JETRIX LXi8 LED UV printer offers a 3.2m wide flatbed, which has been specifically developed to deliver high production speeds of up...

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LX5 / LX-R Standard UV-LED Flatbed

Standard UV-LED Flatbed...

InkTec's JETRIX LX5 LED UV flatbed printer with optional Roll-to-Roll, uses Konica Minolta print heads (6 picoliter) to deliver the perfect combination of...

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JETRIX LX3 Versatile UV-LED Flatbed

Small and compact, but robust and well-engineered....

LX3 UV-LED flatbed printer consumes less electricity through its LED curing system and due to its size can be operated in a limited space. An ideal solution...

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LXRi320 Large Format Roll to Roll Digital LED UV Printer

The latest JETRIX UV Roll-to-Roll

InkTec's JETRIX LXRi320 Large Format printer is the latest in wide format technology. 3.2M large format roll to roll digital LED-UV printer Konica Minolta...

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Comagrav flatbed
Comagrav Digi 3450

A powerful flatbed cutter from COMAGRAV

The COMAGRAV DIGI is an industrial large-format flatbed digital cutter with several cutting modules and spindles. After several succesful years in the CNC...

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KX Series

JETRIX KX7 - KX7-R Large Flatbed with Roll to Roll Option

Large Flatbed with Roll to Roll option..

The latest addition to the JETRIX printer series – the JETRIX KX7 – is ideal for multiple functionality and efficient productivity, all leading to you...

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JETRIX KX6 - KX6-R Standard Flatbed with Roll to Roll Option

Standard Flatbed with Roll to Roll option..

The JETRIX KX6 series is designed for speed, with double heads for maximum productivity without comprimising quality. Ultra reliable and efficient it will...

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JETRIX KX5 - KX5-R Standard Flatbed with Roll to Roll Option

Standard Flatbed with Roll to Roll option..

The JETRIX KX5 series offers performance, design, reliability and productivity. Universally adaptable for many different applications, combined with our...

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JETRIX KX3 Smart & Compact Flatbed

Smart & Compact Flatbed

Smaller in size than other models, it is ideal for print ocmpanies with a limited amount of space. But, as you would expect, it offers all of the usual...

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