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The Duplo KB-4000 perfect binder...

The Duplo KB-4000 is a user friendly, high quality bookletmaker used widely by digital printers, copy shops and in plants. Binding up to 2000 cycles/hour and finishing a range of applications, it is an ideal solution for your print room. The KB-4000 can handle up to 400gsm pre creased covers and inners up to 350gsm. Ideal for binding photo books, year books, telephone directories, instruction manuals, catalogues and post cards.  

Product Highlights:

  • Perfect solution for on demand high quality book making
  • Caters for mid to low volume digital printing
  • Ideal for the photo book and year book market

The KB-4000 is a 2 in 1 instant perfect binder. The KB-4000 PUR is the only small PUR binder in the world with the features of a big one:

  • Automatic Pre-clamp unit
  • Touchscreen display
  • Integration of PUR and EVA Hotmelt

The KB-4000 is ideal for on demand binding and binding a variety of books at various sizes and volumes.


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Easy Operation

Easy Operation

Easy Operation

The KB-4000 PUR is equipped with an easy to use touch screen control panel. This includes; fully automatic set-up, semi-automatic cleaning and fine adjustments such as nipping station time, glue cut off and amount of PUR glue applied on the spine.
Quick Workflow

Quick Workflow

Binding your documents has never been easier. Capable of binding 200 cycles per hour, you can deliver your binding documents to your customers on demand.
Variable Output

Variable Output

The KB-4000 is capable of binding a variety of books at various sizes and volumes

The Duplo KB-4000 Binder

The KB-4000 Features
  • Single operator machine 
  • Up to 200 books per hour 
  • Multiple applications 

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